My new obsession

Lately I have been wasting all my time reading the Experience column on the Guardian website. Some are funny, some are harrowing, some are disgusting, and most of them are utterly fascinating. They’re quite short so I can read quite a lot of them and absorb an abundance of information in, say, an hour while I’m in bed. I like that they’re written by the person who had the experience, rather than about them, which helps to stop them reading like sob stories or freakshows. (However this also means that you will read things like ‘I died in hospital but I forgot to take my death certificate with me’ and ‘I was convincted of a crime I didn’t commit’.)

Some feel like the person is unburdening themselves of something of unimaginable gravity and importance, others feel like they just wanted to have a chance to tell a story about themselves. I recommend that anyone while away some free time looking through the archives here. Here are some of my favourites that I have read-

I feel other people’s pain

I was impaled by my own scultpture (pretty vomit-inducing, btw)

I was with my friend when she took her own life

My first love has stalked me for 40 years

We survived the bubonic plague

2 thoughts on “My new obsession

  1. That “I was impaled by my own sculpture” was on Bizzare ER, it showed you the sculpture it was just about 8 rusty sharp rods with a ball in the middle, couldn’t have fallen on anything worse. And they showed before n after shots of her surgery.
    I love that show

    • I want to see that episode! Even though you can ask Harriet what my reaction was like when I was reading it aloud to her. I skim-read it first and didn’t realise that she meant the entire rod had gone down her arm. VOM. I think in the situation I would just cry.

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