Book review: The Wrong Boy by Willy Russell

The Wrong BoyThe Wrong Boy by Willy Russell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is absolutely incredible. A friend lent it to me a few years ago, telling me how amazing it was, and in my usual style I took it home, put it on a shelf and read something else. I regret doing that. While reading it I laughed out loud (and kept laughing, and then started laughing again the next day thinking about the funny bit), cried, and stayed up reading until 4 in the morning when I had to be up at 8.

At first I thought I would hate it because of the ‘Dear Morrisey’ set-up but I found this actually made it much better, as it was a good way of creating suspense in a subtle, fun way. For example, instead of just not revealing something, the narrator will have to go catch a bus and not be able to tell the entire story in one letter, and then pick up from a different point in the next letter.

There was a point that the narrative started to drag and I wondered if the book had just been too funny and exciting and had ran out of steam, but the pay-off was worth it in the end.

Definite 5/5 stars, despite all my reservations. I was sad to finish it.

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5 thoughts on “Book review: The Wrong Boy by Willy Russell

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