‘When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose’

Moving all my belongings from my house in Hull to my parents’ house has taken three attempts. This has led me to the inevitable conclusion that I have too much stuff. It’s not as though every single last thing that I own was in that house. It’s not even as though I brought everything back with me: I quite ruthlessly binned a great deal of it, including my duvet and pillows. It’s not even that it’s all clothes. It’s an assortment of crap. I can’t put my finger on what it is that I own so much of, why I own it, and why I can’t throw it away, but the fact is there. After suffering through the torture of dragging a suitcase, two handbags, a Tesco Bag For Life and a laptop case into a taxi, onto a coach, into a car, and finally up the stairs and to my bedroom, something became glaringly evident to me.

I need to de-clutter.

I need to get rid of all the shit I don’t need. More importantly, I need to be ruthless and unscrupulous in getting rid of things. I need to sell things or pawn them off on other people or give them to charity or plain throw them in the goddamn bin instead of hanging onto them forevermore.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

Books. First I need to read the books that are sitting around waiting to be read. Then I need to pass them on to somebody else who wants to read them, sell them, or donate them to charity. There are going to be some that I’m not willing to let go of, but I’ll need to keep that number to a minimum, and find a way to store them. My obsession with books is becoming more of a good reason for me to just get a bloody Kindle already, but I still can’t bring myself to do it.

Clothes. I have too many clothes, but I keep buying more because I don’t really like many of the clothes that  own. Yet, when it comes to bagging things up for the charity shop I can’t seem to ditch more than a few vests. I’m going to try this idea of turning the hanger round whenever I’ve worn something, and periodically getting rid of the things that I haven’t worn. This will also inspire to wear a lot of my ‘riskier’ clothes which will be fun! I also aim to send off my old bras (cleaned, of course) to the Breast Talk Bra Appeal.

Paperwork. This does not necessarily mean actual paperwork, but refers to the boxes upon boxes of bits of old paper that I have lurking around. Uni work, college work, school work, letters, train tickets, postcards, leaflets, lists… the lot. What I’m going to do is file away all the important things like my counterpart driving license and stash them somewhere safe. Anything not important and not interesting goes in the recycling. Then I’m going to make some scrapbooks! I can’t really keep sticking things on the walls as I have big plans of moving out some time in the next century (ahem) so my important bits of paper need to be in something portable. Also I can be creative with it, and it’ll be nice to look back on when I’m older/next week when I’m bored.

I’m going to tackle these three and see what’s left over. Fingers crossed it’s not much!



5 thoughts on “‘When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose’

  1. I am preparing to move next month and I have been facing this same decluttering project. It’s large and overwhelming, but also exhilarating. Each time I get rid of a little clutter, I feel new possibilities opening up!

    • That’s such an inspiring way to look at it! I’m hoping that once I’ve got rid of some stuff I’ll feel like I’m more ready and able to move. Hope your move goes well! Where is it that you’re moving to?

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