Fashion post: Graduation outfit

Graduation outfit

Dorothy Perkins cocktail party dress
45 –

TopShop ballet shoes
$32 –

Forever21 flat shoes
$25 –

1928 clip earrings
$28 –

Graduation day has reared its ugly, boring head. Now that results are over and done with, now is the time to worry about what to wear on the day. I don’t know what the rules are so I’m not sure of whether I’m allowed to have my legs on show. I’ve been told to wear something that buttons up the front to hook the hood onto, but I quite frankly don’t want to so it will have to be safety pins to the rescue.

I’m going to order the dress later on today, and hope that it’s long enough to not be obscene without tights. The perils of trying to dress yourself as a tall girl. The shoes, accessories and makeup I’m not going to decide until I get the dress. I’m probably going to take that blue belt off the dress and replace it with a brown one. I’m not sure any of this is very graduation appropriate but I guess that I will be wearing robes over it during the ceremony so it doesn’t really matter! I want something that will carry me through the day and possibly into the night, as I might be going to a drinks reception after the ceremony, then I’ll be meeting friends and possibly going out to a club on the night. With a change of accessories I think this outfit could last all day.

For anyone who may be reading-

  • Is this OK for graduation in your opinion, or am I barking up completely the wrong tree?!
  • What did you wear for your graduation/what would you wear?
  • How do you feel about yellow clothes? I know some people wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

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