My mum’s birthday was today. My sister baked her this amazing doughnut cake. I don’t always rate cake but this was seriously tasty. Between us, my two sisters and I got her some fancy chocolates and truffles, The Big Bang Theory season 3, a huge plant pot that looks like a mug (which we would like her to use as a mug), and some rejuvenating eye gel. Oh, and a £5 scratchcard that she won absolutely nothing on! Along with an amazing card featuring a pony with high heels on*.

I’ve been trying to whittle down my summer reading list so that I don’t ultimately feel like a failure when I read about 2 of the books I planned to, and buy about 80 more from charity shops. These are a few I plan on reading. My living space is currently overrun with books. I thought I had unpacked them all, onto a shelf that is threatening to collapse on top of me, but then I found another huge bag. Oh dear.

Being home means I can eat proper ham, blue cheese, and fresh fruit whenever I want. I don’t have to pay for it!

I can also make disgusting looking but nice tasting smoothies. I can also fill my life with clutter. (Nothing new there.)

Yes, fill my life with clutter. I’d like to say that’s all my clothes – it’s not. I’d like to say some of that will be sorted through and sent to charity – already done that.

I have spending issues! I bought some coral jeans from DP, a blue maxi dress from TK Maxx, and two amazing tops from Primark. No pictures of these because trying to take photos of yourself with a broken camera is tricky! Then I got some makeup from ELF, and I must say, while it isn’t the best, it really is quite good. The nail varnishes chip easily and smell pretty strong, but I think they dry quicker than a lot of other nail varnishes, and the colour actually comes out as bright as the bottle. I hate nail varnishes that are a pale, sickly colour on your nail when the bottle boasts some luminous hue. I will definitely buy from them again when some of the other things I wanted come back into stock.

* Not an actual pony in actual high heels. An artist’s impression. Do not fear, animal lovers.

2 thoughts on “lately

  1. Oooh, you’ll finish One Day by David Nicholls in about that much time. At first his writing style bothered me (sort of fanciful, a touch of trying-too-hard), but I got into it and couldn’t put it down! Read that one first :)

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