Awesome people + a fresh start

Awesome People Hanging Out Together is one of the best sites I have seen in a while. It makes me want to be an awesome person!

I might be moving home sooner than I thought, and after surviving one of the most fun but most unhealthy weekends of my life (six burgers in three days, anyone?), getting my life in order begins here, and it starts with eating some fresh fruit. There’s a possibility I might do the 30 Day Shred, get out in the fresh air and cook amazing nutritious meals. There’s not a chance I could ever be fit and healthy in the way that a lot of health bloggers are, but I can try to do it in my own way. That way might have to involve the occasional curry and strawberry-lime cider. It might not involve getting up at 5.45am to go for a run, but I might run on the treadmill now and again. I’m definitely still eating meat, but probably less meat and more vegetables.

me at a 'you wouldn't start the night like this' party

The next step is to decide if education or employment is the way for me. Then to apply for whichever. If I choose education, I think the best plan is to stay in Hull. I love the English department here, I think the standard of teaching has been great. The Modern and Contemporary Literature MA programme looks like a little piece of heaven for me personally. I know people will level arguments against me that a Masters degree in English is essentially worthless. I’m not going to argue back, but I will say that I want to enjoy my life and study and work for things that I am passionate about. A business degree I’m sure would get me further, sooner. Would I be happy? No. If I decide on work, I need to figure out whether I need to be paid or if I could realistically intern for a set amount of time and survive, and if this would be worth my time.

I do not feel like enough of a grown-up to be having to make decisions like this.

All I know is that I am moving back in with my parents. I don’t think there’s any shame in this and I hope I’m not there for too long. If I am, though, then that’s ok for the short term: I love my parents and my little sister, I love where I live, and my mum will let me work for her for as long as I need to.

Today, though, I plan to finish The Kraken Wakes and go to the cinema. Being a grown-up can wait until Wednesday.

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