Almost finished

Dear book, you are confusing. You were useful for my essay, though, and thanks for that.

Three out of five assignments are FINISHED.

I have, I believe, made a convincing argument that contemporary fiction questions the nature of fiction itself, that there is a significant opposition between the country and the city in 1930s literature, and that the community is under pressure (but not too much) in 1930s literature. 

All it took was approximately 7500 words altogether, about a gazillion references, and what feels like decades reading, researching, writing, rewriting, planning, thinking, discussing, editing.

I feel exhausted, accomplished, nervous, happy, stupid, terrified, clever and hungry.

Next on the list, two creative writing assignments.

After that, earn some money.

After that, a short story reading at the Fresh Ink launch party next Thursday.

After that? World domination, of course.

I can't wait to sit on my bed and not be surrounded by books and notes.

 (I’m aware that most people work at a desk. I think it’s overrated!)

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