Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I am currently without a camera that does anything other than splutter when I press the on button (best time to start a blog, eh?) so no can do for a picture of me on this very day. What I can give you is this-

That is, of course, me as Marie Curie. You can tell by the sash, you see? I took part in an amazing play called A Pageant of Great Women. I ended up having to be Caroline Herschel as well as Marie Curie because of a lack of performers, but since all I had to do is read a few lines about each woman this was no bother. Hopefully my little sister will be pleased that I got to be an astronomer!

Now onto the three good things-

+ I saw both of my best friends Holly and Becci, saw my family, and Rich met my family for the first time

+ I got all of my essays finished and am hopefully on track to not fail my degree

+ I bought an Italian phrasebook for 50p that offers such gems as ‘Che bel completo da sci!’ (I like your ski outfit!) and ‘Dobbiamo stare attenti a causa dell’aids’ (We have to be careful about AIDS).

This month has been quite stressful at times because of my workload so it’s been nice to reflect on what I enjoyed, rather than what made me panic or made me upset, so I might start doing a ‘3 good things’ post at the end of every week, to help me put a positive spin on my own life.

I love to read comments, so please share what's on your mind! I try my best to reply. If you want a quick response to a question please tweet me @emdawgb :)

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