Om nom nom

Blueberry pancakes (made using this recipe)

I have no weighing scales so the measurements were approximately and possibly a bit wrong. Also, my boyfriend told me to add a pinch of salt (for some reason) and I must have misjudged what constitutes a ‘pinch’, because the finished product had a little bit of a salty kick. Somehow this made it all the more delicious! I put uncooked blueberries on top to serve for a more interesting texture. I enjoyed them a lot more than normal pancakes, the kind you have on Pancake Day, and would definitely make them again.

Thai green curry (adapted from this recipe)

I had read in another recipe to add brown sugar, and while I was a bit wary of it being too sweet, I did it anyway and think it definitely pushed this curry over the edge from average to amazing. I also added some lime zest, a sachet of Very Lazy ginger, a stalk of lemongrass, and some chopped coriander stalks. As for that plate of deliciousness in the middle? Not delicious. They were various Indian appetisers from Asda (I didn’t know what appetisers went with Thai food!) and they were all pretty sorry tasting. Would not recommend. The curry, however, I would recommend you eat every day.

3 thoughts on “Om nom nom

  1. Yeah Em, Indian appetizers don’t go with Thai food, usually Chinese accompaniments work better like prawn crackers or such like.
    Leila xxxx

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