What Emily Did in January

I did some things in January and now here I am to tell you about it.


For some, January may be the month of eating lean, sparse food to make up for the festive excess. For others, it’s 50% off month. You can probably guess which camp I fall into. I ate out a lot in January. The highlights, for me, were Tariff & Dale and Sakana. I also ate at The Ferret in Preston when visiting my sister and ate some of the most ridiculous food ever. My sister and I shared a burger calzone, and a hot dog with mashed potato and gravy on it. Thankfully we were drunk enough to really, really appreciate it.


I only managed to read one book in January: The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. It’s basically The Secret History, so if you liked that you’ll probably like this. I personally didn’t really like The Secret History – all I could think was ‘was the person who edited this drunk???’ as I trawled through all seventy bajillion pages – and actually kind of prefer this. Oh, and for once in my life, I called one of the plot twists before it was revealed. This never happens.

I started My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem but didn’t finish so that’s for another post. Some friends and I will be doing our own version of Emma Watson’s feminist book club. Btw, a great way to keep in touch with friends who’ve moved away – start a book club through Skype/Google Hangouts.

So to make this more interesting I’ll tell you all about all the cheesy thrillers I read as a result of accidentally signing up for a free Kindle Unlimited trial and then discovering there’s no good books available through it. If you want to be like me here’s what you should do:

  • Sign up for free trial by clicking a button that you think will give you more information and then suddenly being signed up and also very confused
  • Get all excited about allllll the books you can read for FREE
  • Look at Kindle Unlimited library
  • Realise there’s bugger all on there
  • Download and read as many cheesy thrillers as humanly possible before the trial runs out

The books I read are as follows and for a quick, fun read I would recommend all of them apart from one:

  • Girl Number One by Jane Holland – set in Cornwall, there’s a frustrating love story in there, and it’s not who you think it is
  • Girl on a Train by A.J Waines (please note, not the bestseller Girl on the Train)
  • The Magpies by Mark Edwards – a very intense tale of nightmare neighbours. Some of the dialogue is very clunky
  • The One That Got Away by Simon Wood – I liked this one quite a lot because there’s no love story! Right at the end you think there’s going to be all wrapped up with a happily ever after but it doesn’t. The ending, I must say, is equally cheesy but it’s good to not have every story reduced to being about romantic love between men and women
  • Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards – I felt like the characterisation in this was so off, but I still powered through it in a few days and felt sufficiently shocked at various points
  • Wreckage by Emily Bleeker – plane crashes and then I don’t really know what happens? Things get really weird, characters make decisions that I’m sure wouldn’t even make sense in the situation, and generally behave like idiots

Overall I really wouldn’t recommend Kindle Unlimited unless you really love this genre and will read many of such books per month, as most of the titles are 99p full price so you’d have to read a lot to make it worth your money.


I never used to understand scented candles. People would buy me them for gifts and I’d be like oh… thanks? What do I do with this? If I went to people’s houses and they had candles burning, I’d maybe think ‘that smells nice’ but it wouldn’t make me want to put some in my own living quarters. Then, I moved into a flat and disaster struck and it flooded. Repeatedly. I have moaned about this excessively in real life and on Twitter so I will spare you the gory details. The takeaway is that each time it flooded, it would stink after the water had gone. Cleaning products and room spray made me feel a bit better, but lighting a load of scented tealights from Ikea made me feel much better. I’m now in a much nicer, less waterlogged and less smelly flat but the obsession has continued, and Rich is fully on board so our flat always smells very lovely. I got quite a few candles for Christmas and the two that I really rate at the moment are:

  • Yankee Candle Bourbon Vanilla – This smells amazing and is so strong. The last Yankee Candle I had was Mango Peach Salsa which was delicious and a great summer scent, but nowhere near as strong as this one. If I got home from work about an hour before Rich and lit the candle, he could smell it as soon as he opened the door. As it was only a small one it’s sadly burned down but I will definitely repurchase.
  • Primark Sandalwood & Lemongrass – I honestly wasn’t expecting this to smell like much but I shoved it in the bathroom and lit it anyway. It has a surprisingly strong scent and as it’s a very fresh scent it’s good for the bathroom.


I’ve been wearing a lot of  black. Which is very strange for me. I acquired a new (to me – from the charity shop) black coat and I really liked it and it made me want to cut a striking silhouette in all black. Except for my new boots which are a sort of burgundy/wine colour. I feel very stylish in my new coat though, although as I have learnt many times before, one nice item cannot make up for my general slovenliness. Case in point: I am at the supermarket, wearing a tunic, leggings, boots, and my delightful black coat. I feel very smart. I remark to Rich that I feel ‘sleek and badass’. I later notice that there are visible holes in my leggings. You’ll be glad to hear that I put those leggings in the bin. 

I’ve also been wearing lots of gym clothes. I don’t know how I didn’t figure this out ages ago: if I buy cool clothes for the gym, I’m more inclined to go the gym. Yes I’m that vain and shallow. If you are also materialistic and frivolous and not a huge fan of the gym, try this out. I have accrued five pairs of printed gym leggings (all in black and white: see above) from New Look, H&M, and Sports Direct, all at pretty reasonable prices. Now I just need some new trainers I think… oh the joys and perils of online shopping.



I went on a very lovely walk to Dovestone reservoir. There isn’t much to say about it really: it was pretty, snowy, a bit cold, I had a very nice day. I went to the pub afterwards and ate a slice of cheese and onion pie the size of a very large brick.


Sunday/Monday Pasta

So hi, hello, I still exist. You may have known this if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or if perhaps you know me in real life or something.

Many moons ago my domain expired and I didn’t pay to get it renewed. And it was one of those things, you know, that I kept thinking I needed to do but never got round to. The whole time I was under the impression that my blog was dead because my domain was dead but it turns out, that is not the case. I think I have a different domain now but honestly I think I must be more stupid than the last time I did this, because I’m just so confused and have had to fire off some emails to customer support.

So to ease myself back in I’m here with a recipe-that’s-not-really-a-recipe for pasta. You should ideally make this pasta on Sunday night and eat the leftovers for your lunch on Monday. It’s ideal Sunday fodder because it walks the line between indulgence and nutrition, as it has both cheese (lots of it) and vegetables (as many as you want, really). Then on Monday it will cheer you up when you feel all, you know, Monday.

I did take a photo of this and then I must have deleted it so imagine here is a picture of some delicious looking pasta.

It’s a good’un if you’ve got some veg in your fridge that’s looking like it might not last the week. So, gather together your things, which will include:
– Pasta. I really like wholemeal pasta because maybe I’m some kind of crunchy granola eating hippie. If you have more than one type of pasta at your disposal then a) pat yourself on the back because that’s some serious grown up shit you’ve got going on, and b) think about which kind of pasta will go best for this dish, I can’t make your decisions for you. If you’re feeling really luxurious you could use some filled pasta with cheese inside it which would make this a triple cheese dinner. Think about that
– Cream cheese. I guess you could use ricotta, mascarpone etc. Or you could make a cheese sauce. Or maybe use some eggs to make a carbonara type sauce. You do you
– Vegetables. I used mushrooms and kale which was a great combination. Have a scout about in the the fridge and see what you can come up with
– Assorted other things like garlic, cooking oil, butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper and so on
– Cheese to go on top, if like me one type of cheese in a dish will not suffice

Then… I’m sure you know how to make pasta. The only tricky part of most everyday cooking, in my experience, is timing. Making sure all the things you need are ready at the same time can be a bit of a pain.

So I would recommend having two pans on the go and using one to boil the pasta (according to packet instructions ofc) and one to fry some onion and garlic over a low heat until it’s all delicious. You will then fry your vegetables in the same pan and eventually add in a load of cream cheese and stir it around until it’s all saucy. Oh and add some lemon juice if you feel that way inclined.

Drain your pasta once it’s cooked. Combine pasta and sauce. Sprinkle with cheese, salt, pepper, herbs, anything else you fancy.

Enjoy. Feel simultaneously healthy(ish) and very gluttonous. Put the rest in a tupperware and try not to eat it before you take it for your lunch the next day.

Recent Recipes

I’ve been cooking some delicious things recently, even if I do say so myself. I’ve not been eating meat during the week (first unconsciously and now I’m making a point of it), and have found that it’s forced me to be a bit more creative with the meals that I cook for myself. While a piece of chicken and some potatoes simply served might make quite a satisfying meal, a pile of plain veg on a plate will not, so I have to try a bit harder than that.

If you’ve ever read one of my recipe posts before, you will know that I don’t measure or weigh anything, so all quantities will be approximate. If this bothers you, then run. Run away now. Regard it more as inspiration for a meal, rather than a structured, prescriptive recipe. Bonus points: these meals are mostly vegan (with obvious exceptions) and pretty damn cheap to make if you’re savvy when shopping. (My best bets for cheap vegetables are Aldi, Morrisons, and your local greengrocer if you’ve a good one nearby.)



Spaghetti with cream cheese, pesto, and mushrooms

If you’ve been a student any time in the last few years, you might be sick to the back teeth of pasta with pesto and scroll right past this one. That’s fair. I don’t blame you. It took me a while to come back round to the idea of eating this as a genuine meal. But trust me, this is delicious, and easy peasy to put together. Start with pasta – your choice, I think spaghetti works great with this kind of non-saucey sauce, but just go with whatever you’ve got in the cupboard. Cook your mushrooms in a little oil and butter (throw some onions/shallots in there if you have any) while the pasta is boiling. Add a dollop of cream cheese to the pan with the mushrooms and stir around until it breaks up and becomes like a sauce (if you want it to be thinner, feel free to add in some milk and/or some of the pasta water). Add a generous amount of green pesto into the mix. Once your pasta is cooked to your liking, drain it and mix everything together. Serve with a lot of black pepper and maybe some parmesan if you’re a double-cheese sort of rebel.


Stir-fried vegetables with nuts, served with rice

Okay, I absolutely can’t get away with calling this a recipe. But I’m posting it because the combination of these vegetables together was excellent so I would like to suggest it, and I would also like to suggest buying the bags of mixed peanuts and cashew nuts from Aldi and eating them with this. In the mix was courgette, red/green/yellow pepper, and some curly kale, cooked with lots of fresh garlic, ginger, and chilli.

recentrecipes-3 Thai curry/soup

I’m calling this Thai because it reminded me vaguely of a Thai green curry. I will accept any and all criticism to the contrary. Start by mincing garlic, ginger, chilli and a few coriander stalks very finely. You want them mushed up into a sort of paste that you will then fry in a bit of oil. Once that’s lovely and fragrant and hopefully not too burnt (I’m still getting to grips with my new cooker; perhaps you are more au fait with yours) add in a selection of robust vegetables – I went for baby sweetcorn, aubergine, and courgette. Stir fry these for a few minutes and then pour in a tin of coconut milk. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and leave it simmering away with a lid on it for about 15-20 minutes – you want to take it off the heat when the veg is cooked through but not yet a mushy mess. Serve with cashews, peanuts, and coriander, if you have any of those things. For a more filling meal prepare some noodles or rice to go on the side.


Aubergine, sweet potato and lentil stew (a.k.a. Leftover Parfait)

This pretty much was leftover parfait, Malcolm in the Middle style. Or, at least, it was a meal borne out of scrounging through my fridge and cupboards to find what was lurking there and then cooking it all together, with little concern as to whether it was going to taste good together. Excellent outcome: it did. In here went two medium sweet potatoes, most of a medium aubergine, a tin of plum tomatoes, a large handful of red lentils, cooked with garlic and chilli. (Perhaps a bit too much chilli – but I would advise using a decent amount, this is the sort of dish that needs something to perk it up slightly.) Using those quantities yielded enough for four generous single-lady servings.


Soy-sauce vegetables with a fried egg

Once again, absolutely not a recipe. Nobody’s going to be convinced by this one. Just a heads up as to what things taste utterly delicious together. Mushrooms, spring greens, courgette, baby sweetcorn, and green peppers. Stir-fried with the usual suspects (ginger/chilli/garlic) until almost cooked, then I threw a hefty dash of soy sauce in the pan and cooked it on a high heat for a few minutes. The result of this was that the soy sauce thickened and made a sticky, delicious, intensely savoury sauce. I threw a fried egg on top because fried eggs are delicious. I cook them with just a smidge of oil in a frying pan and then put a lid on it, so that the yolk almost steams while the bottom of the egg goes nicely burnt and crispy. You’re welcome to cook yours in a more civilised way, of course.

Here’s to many more delicious meat-free meals, vegetable-filled meals on the horizon. The plan for tonight is avocado pasta with a side of roasted vegetables including mushrooms, pepper, and courgette. Have you any ideas for delicious, easy, and preferably cheap meals?

Good Morning

I am categorically not a morning person. If you’ve ever spent any time with me, this will not be new information for you. I thought that getting a 9-5 job might cure this but it turns out that when you’re allowed to turn up at the office whenever you like (within reason) you won’t be very eager to get there bright and early. In fact just recently I bustled in at 8.55 to be greeted by my wide-eyed manager, gazing in disbelief. “You’re early… You don’t usually get here before 9, do you?” And in fairness, I was only there pre-9am because my bus had inexplicably cruised into town rather than getting snarled in traffic as usual.

I thought that after a certain amount of time (perhaps 23 years to be exact) I would come to terms with not being a morning person. But I just can’t. Something deep within me yearns to be a morning person. ‘Morning people just seem like better people’ is my thought process of an evening, soon replaced by ‘morning people are awful and must be stopped’ as a beeping alarm draws me out of my duvet cocoon.

I’m always reading about how successful, productive people have good morning routines. (I’ve yet to figure out quite how we’re defining success and productivity in this context, but they sound like pretty good attributes.) My morning routine is along the lines of: snooze alarm about fifteen times, reluctantly clamber out of bed while grumbling, shower, throw on some clothes, escape the house. If I’ve showered the night before I might even skip that step. One morning I woke up at 8 and still made the 8.24 bus. Impressive, perhaps, but is this really setting me up for the day? Probably not, realistically. Recently I’ve been feeling generally unsettled, anxious, panicky even, and I can’t help but wonder if a better morning routine wouldn’t help this. If five days out of seven start with a battle with my bed and then a mad panic to get out of the door, can I really expect to feel particularly serene at any point?

I have an image seared onto my mind of what ‘being a morning person’ looks like, and I think it may have come straight from a coffee advert I saw when I was younger. A glamorous woman wearing a silky nightie, marooned in the middle of a bright white bed, sipping black coffee and looking misty-eyed but content. The clock reads 07:05am or something equally virtuous and horrendous. Maybe this lady could be me!

But what do early risers even do? This cartoon essentially sums up my feelings on the matter:

cartoon via Toothpaste for Dinner

I feel like coffee might be an essential component. Breakfast, perhaps, though I have fallen into a fairly comfortable routine of eating porridge at my desk. Maybe it should involve reading, but I do that on the bus anyway. Writing a diary? Yoga? Staring glumly into space and wishing I was still asleep? The possibilities are endless. What I’m going to do is figure out what a proper morning should look like and then do those things and see if this makes all the little pieces of my life fit together a bit more smoothly.

What does your morning routine involve? Are you an early riser or not? How do you think this affects your life?

Soup, Glorious Soup

It’s that time of year – the time when barely anybody consumes solid food. It’s all porridge for breakfast and soup for every other meal of the day. Maybe a stew if you’re really feeling wild. As long as it’s warm and comforting and could adequately be described as a hug in a bowl. (And as long as you can heat it up in the microwave and eat it at your desk.)

I have pretty strong feelings about soup, brought on in part by the fact that my boyfriend just ‘doesn’t understand’ it. I find that when I have to advocate for something I end up loving it all the more. I love it and I’ve got pretty good at making myself – not that anything about making it is difficult, just slightly daunting before you first give it a go. So here are my most favourite soups to make – chosen because they are cheap, easy, and delicious.

Red Lentil, Chilli and Chickpea

I’ve seen quite a few other people blog and tweet about making this soup recently, and with good reason. It’s incredibly tasty, simple to make, and doesn’t require you to buy anything more exotic or exciting than a tin of chickpeas. (For what it’s worth, I am a philistine and don’t bother with that dry-frying cumin and chilli bit. I just use bog standard chilli powder.) It’s also far more filling than you would really expect any kind of soup to ever be. When I was at uni I used to make huge batches of this, freeze portions, and then essentially live off it on days when I was skint/lazy/skint and lazy.

Sweet Potato and Coconut

I would love to link you to a fantastic recipe for this one but honestly, I couldn’t find one. All I knew is that I wanted to make a soup with these two ingredients, everything else was up for grabs. Reading through a variety of recipes led me first to the conclusion that doing so would be complex and bizarre (having to grate the sweet potatoes, including milk and an apple as ingredients), and then to the conclusion that it can’t really be so bloody hard, can it. So I used sweet potatoes, red lentils, onion, garlic, ginger, coconut milk, curry powder, and sweet chilli sauce. I don’t really feel like I need to write detailed instructions because most vegetable soups operate on the basic principles of: fry, boil, blend. Using coconut milk makes it a really rather insipid colour, unfortunately, rather than a nice inviting orange.

Carrot and Lentil

This is not going well for if you have a particular aversion to red lentils. Well, sorry I’m not sorry. They’re inexpensive, they’re good for you, and are well suited to festering in your cupboard for ages and being brought out every once in a while to make soup out of. This soup is just so easy to make. Like the first recipe, it advises you to dry-fry cumin and chilli. Do it, don’t do it, I can’t see a huge difference. I also don’t necessarily think it needs all the milk, and have made it with significantly less. However I like thick soup, preferably thick enough to stand my spoon up in, so you don’t have to do what I do.

Potato, Apple and Celery

Honestly I’ve only made this soup once, and I’m not entirely sure if this is the recipe that I used, but it seems close enough. The basic concept is there. This soup is a little bit weird and a lot bit delicious. The potato base and nutmeg flavours make it creamy and soothing, while the apple brings not a sweetness but a much-needed ‘clean’ flavour. The addition of lemon juice is also important, lifting the whole dish and making it much brighter.


I’m not going to hunt down a recipe for this. It’s mushroom soup. The main ingredient is, unsurprisingly, mushrooms. (No lentils in this one!) Fry some mushrooms in oil and/or butter and garlic. Boil them in stock until soft. Blend. Add in a bit of cream. (The amount of cream to be added proves quite controversial. To me, overly creamy soups taste very odd, almost veering into pudding territory.) The secret ingredient, as discovered by me and my family (or maybe everybody else has been doing this all along?!) is tomato ketchup. No specified amount, this is a case of tasting as you go. We find that it really pulls together the earthy mushroom flavour with the creamy texture, and adds a depth of flavour that just isn’t there otherwise. This is another one that benefits from a large splash of lemon juice upon serving, as well.


Are you a soup lover? Soup hater? Indifferent? Tell me your favourite recipes. I’m interesting in staking my claim over the shared freezer space by filling it with endless portions of soup.

CC BY 2.0) Seba S

2013 in Books

Every year I vow to read 50 books. Every year I read about 40 books. Why I can’t seem to make that final push of 10 books remains a mystery, but there you have it. I’ve all but given up on feeling guilty over it. Sometimes I do feel slightly sad about all the potentially good books that I’m not reading, but as I am decidedly stubborn I know that forcing myself to read more would result in me throwing in the towel and reading nothing but Twitter/Reddit/the Metro.

I’ve read some really good books in 2013, but overall I don’t think it’s been a great year for reading. Read on to find out what was good, what was bad, what was disappointing and what turned out to be a lot better than expected. All links are to Goodreads or Judging Covers.

The Good

bookpost2 bookpost4 bookpost5

These are just good, no ifs, ands, or buts.

The Bad

bookpost6 bookpost1 bookpost7

I used to struggle with saying that a book was bad. I would qualify it by saying ‘I would recommend it if you like xyz’ or ‘not really my style’. I’m not going to be shy about saying, though, that these books were bad. Bad, and not good.

The Disappointing

bookpost8 amityandsorrow bookpost3

Expecting a book to be great is just one of the worst things to do sometimes.

The Better-than-expected

bookpost9- bookpost9 bookpost9--

Sometimes I end up buying a book despite not being particularly convinced by it. True to form I read them anyway, and sometimes they are really bloody good after all.

So that’s the long and the short of my year in books. I read far fewer amazing books than I would like to but hey, at least there’s room for improvement. Having recently gone on a frankly terrifying* book-buying rampage in the Kindle store, I have about a million things lined up to read in January, including almost everything ever written by A.M Homes. (Is she any good, or have I been swayed by flashy Amazon blurbs?)

How was your year in books? Did you read any of the same books? Do you want to disagree with me? Go on, I love arguing about books.

* I wasn’t scared at all. My boyfriend, who witnessed this, was.

Good Things

+ First things first, to get this one out of the way: I have a job! A real one, that involves me getting up on a morning and going into an office and doing things that are somewhat more productive than serving beer and washing pots. So you don’t have to listen to me moaning on about looking for jobs! I have also jumped ship from my parent’s house and have my own room in a house in Manchester. So copy me in on the next Manchester blogger’s meetup or whatever it is that you city-dwellers like to do.

+ I started another blog – yeah, yeah, bear with me – for my creative writing attempts. You can find it here, if you are so inclined: A Blanket of Noise. I have let it slip by the wayside in a rather tragic fashion since starting work but I am hoping to get cracking with it again soon,

+ I have a new winter coat. Yes that is worthy of a good things post – if you’re questioning the premise right now it’s time to go read something else. It was thirteen English pounds from Oxfam and it’s grey and supposedly it is a woman’s coat but somehow it fits my broad shoulders perfectly, and is really quite long even though I’m pretty tall, so. If you’ve known me for a while now then you will know that I can develop very strong and potentially inappropriate feelings about a nice coat, so be glad all you’re getting is a few pictures and that I haven’t written a book about it. 1-IMG_0413



+ This is just shameless bragging now but… I won a competition for £100 of vouchers to spend at Yo Sushi! The competition said they were to spend at The Trafford Centre, but the vouchers themselves say they can be redeemed anywhere, so I’ll have to decide whether to do as I’m told or not. SO MUCH FREE SUSHI. Happy days.

+ Tell me about the good things happening in your life :)